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BSS Players Pyramid

The most important responsibility of a coach in regards to the actual playing of the game of football is to teach their players properly and effectively to execute the numerous fundamentals of the game.


The BSS Players Pyramid provides a structure for BSS coaches to do just that.  The Pyramid provides a synopsis of our long-term programme.


Each step of the Pyramid is integral to becoming the complete player, or at least becoming the best a player can become, the steps are not independent of each other.  Whilst the ‘lines’ must be drawn somewhere to signify each stage much of our training overlaps with the player becoming the sum of the integration of each step.

Technical & Physical

The word ‘technique’ has often cast a shadow over the English game, too often ignored in the development of young players but in reality it is very simple to teach, requiring time, repetition and patience.  Technical fundamentals form the foundation to a players’ game from which imagination, initiative and individuality can grow.





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We are strong believers in players becoming physically fit as well as technical ability.  It is important to maximise all of a players abilities, technical work must come first but we should not neglect strength, speed and endurance as they will make a big difference to a players’ success.

Players such as Juninho, Messi, Zola, Pele and Maradona all played at the highest level with their excellent technique and command of the ball and a truly exceptional base of fitness and strength overcoming obstacles such as a lack of height.  Without great emphasis on technical and physical training these players would never have become professional players.  We are fully aware of this and it is a major part of our training programme.


Put simply, our training philosophy is for players to become technically competent with the ball before moving onto excel in game situations.

BSS tactical training places many of the technical and physical elements under increasing degrees of pressure, focusing upon:

1.    Developing the BSS philosophy within game play through specially designed conditioned games, free play and coach education.

2.   Using balls of different sizes and weights to achieve specific learning outcomes.

3.   Using training aids to challenge aspects of a players game, for example we use six types of visual impairment equipment to hinder vision in eight

     distinct ways   using twelve conditioned games.


Within each step The BSS Players Pyramid provides players with a roadmap of reachable milestones (short-term goals).  Sometimes teaching exercises is not always sufficient to maintain motivation but incorporating moderately difficult goals at each step that when reached result in a sense of self-accomplishment and motivate a player to immediately continue towards the next short-term goal.  Each time a milestone is reached, a sense of self satisfaction is generated and motivation to continue is fuelled.

The milestones challenge players.  The BSS Players Pyramid is a model to focus players, regardless of ability on becoming the best they can be.  We are thoroughly convinced that those players who have the self-satisfaction of knowing they have done their best and maybe experienced a little failure along the way will become the strongest of characters and in most cases on the desirable end of achievement, perhaps more than ‘natural’ ability might initially indicate.


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