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Franchise Fees & Start-up Costs

If you are looking to buy a franchise, we understand the franchise fees are most often the deciding factor. We have a set fee for our franchises, dependant on area, population, demographics, economy and how the soccer school will run.

Whilst some of our franchisees run from an office, and others own their training venues, Brazilian Soccer Schools can easily be run from a home office and requires little financial investment in terms of marketing and promotion.

In Indonesia our franchisees commit to a five year agreement.  Our franchisees pay an initial fee on signing the contract, this fee secures the territory and your initial training.

There is also an ongoing royalty fee that is paid yearly – 12% of your gross turnover.

We do not think you will find a better franchise that requires such low investment and start-up costs.

The most significant overheads our franchisees face are venue hire costs and, depending on how they structure their business, coaches fees.  We provide specific training on gaining desirable venue hire rates, indeed many of our franchisees have partnerships with schools, private or local authority run venue providers.

Below is a  a guide to typical start-up and running costs:


Franchise Fee Dependent on area

A one-off fee on signing contract. Information sent on request.
Royalty Fee : 12% of turnover a yearly fee.  Information sent on request



Initial equipment is provided in start-up pack

Venue Hire

Per Month/Per hour.   Typical rates paid by our franchisees.


Coaches Fees

Per Hour/Per Session. Our business models cater for the franchisee being the head coach or employing coaches to deliver the programme.


We have a partner providing personalised print designs, a marketing strategy is essential but we provide full training and advice against ‘paid for advertisements’ and an excessive marketing budget.  Our franchisees find their best marketing is by word of mouth.

Football is the most popular sport in the world; therefore there is huge potential to develop a successful franchise business.  There are other soccer schools and football club schemes operating, yet we feel they do not come close to offering the level of football coaching and general high standards associated with Brazilian Soccer Schools.

There are four main revenue streams connected to running a Brazilian Soccer School:

Brazilian Soccer Schools & Brazilian Football Academies
Individual sessions
Holiday course

There are also a handful of secondary revenue streams to support the main four.


The amount you make is quite frankly up to you.  Running to one of our business models a Brazilian Soccer School with 100 players we estimate a conservative turnover of Rp. 850,000,000.- annually, This is not guaranteed, it could be more or it could be less.  We encourage you to aspire to a lot more and can tell you how to do it.

On average each Brazilian Soccer School would operate with 100 places or players attending weekly sessions.  Like all companies, some people become top producers and some struggle.  Unlike a lot of franchise companies Brazilian Soccer Schools doesn’t do well unless you do well, the decision of whether to run a Brazilian Soccer Schools franchise must be right both for you and Brazilian Soccer Schools, which is why we do not hard sell or exaggerate our earning claims.  What we do want are highly motivated and exceptionally talented individuals to run our franchise.

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