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       Another successful year for the bss holiday camp. Our 3rd annual holiday camp ran late June of this year having to work with the brand new field of Pertamina Simprug. It was the first time BSS ran an event in simprug and there were plenty of compliments from the parents about the fields.

      The theme of the holiday camp was obviously the world cup where drills were divided into countries and explained why those drills are strengths or specialties to those country. For example, we explained to children why Italy are great in defending, Brazil is good with dribbling etc.

       Overall, we had over 50 children participating with more than half are first timers, some were BSS members and the rest were 2nd timers of holiday camp.
       Congratulation to all the award winners and we hope your experience in BSS holiday camp was a memorable one and we hope to see your faces again next year.














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