Another successful BSS gathering went by on the weekend of 21st February 2016 at planet futsal, kuningan jakarta. With total of 30 BSS teams from BSS Pdk Indah, Kuningan, Klp Gading, Intercon, Bandung and Bintaro and also Jakarta World Academy were all involve in this months Gathering. It is by far the most participants we have had in a BSS gathering where the competition is also firing up. Here are the list of winners in this months BSS Gathering. Mini 6 Final : BSS Pondok Indah (Winner) vs BSS Klp Gading U8 Final : BSS Pondok Indah vs BSS Bintaro (Winner) U10 Final: BSS Bintaro A (Winner) vs BSS Bintaro B U14 Final: BSS Klp Gading vs BSS Bintaro (Winner) Many congratulations to BSS Bintaro

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