LFA Corporate Tournament

LFA CORPORATE TOURNAMENT 2019 is a JABODETABEK Inter-Company Football Championship held on the 2nd, 9th, 10th and 16th March 2019 which promotes and develops a Healthy Lifestyle through soccer in the workers' environment. The event was held at LEGENDA FOOTBALL ARENA, Tambun, Bekasi Balasarat for 4 days. The LFA Corporate Tournament 2019-themed football championship is joined by 14 well-known Corporate Teams in the JABODETABEK region including: 1. PT. EPSON 2. PT. HANKOOK 3. Bea Cukai 4. AHM Pegangsaan 5. PT. EPS 6. TB INA 7. AHM Sunter 8. PT. NESINAK 9. YUTAKA 10. MURAMOTO 11. AHM Cibitung 12. FUKOKU 13. PT. TACI 14. PT. Chemicon Indonesia Erik Hidayat as Commissioner of LEGENDA FOOTBALL ARE

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