BSS Internal Cup 2017

February 28, 2017





With the field becoming muddy due to an unfriendly weather, it did not stop BSS members to continue participating and supporting our first BSS Internal Cup. BSS Internal Cup is an internal competition between all BSS venues in Indonesia. A total of 29 BSS teams across 5 age groups came and participate. The internal cup is organise with the main objective for BSS members to gain more competitive games or to feel for the first time the experience of playing in a soccer competition. BSS Internal Cup does not select the best players but we welcome all members with any different skill level to experience this competition. The event is also ran to show members our expanded BSS family. Some members may have not known there were other BSS teams in other areas in Jakarta or Indonesia before the internal cup. We had parents soaking wet from the rain and continued watching their children play and showed 100% support from start to finish. It was very appreciative to see children, coaches and parents all showing the same commitment during this event.


As we gave out medals and trophies to winners, BSS received positive feedbacks from all teams as members expressed their satisfaction participating in this event and looking forward to the next one. Congratulation to the winners which now have a difficult task where other teams will be targeting to beat them.


All event will have the positive and negatives and our event is no different. We will do a full evaluation of the event and will work and organize an event and eliminate all the negative issue that occurred in our event. We hope that this event gave members enough satisfaction and looking forward to see all members during the next Internal Cup.


Here are the winners from BSS Internal Cup 18th Feb 2017




RUNNERS UP     :              BSS LFA (BEKASI)

3RD PLACE         :              BSS BINTARO



CHAMPIONS      :               BSS LBK BULUS

RUNNERS UP     :               BSS LFA (BEKASI)

3RD PLACE         :               BSS BINTARO



CHAMPIONS      :               BSS LFA (BEKASI)

RUNNERS UP     :               BSS BINTARO

3RD PLACE         :               BSS BANDUNG



CHAMPIONS      :               BSS LFA (BEKASI)

RUNNERS UP     :               BSS BINTARO

3RD PLACE         :               RABONA SOCCER SCHOOL



See you in August!



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