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Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia will take part of Street Child World Cup (SCWC) 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

BSS Jakarta, 11 January 2014

SCWC Selection held in Jakarta

SCWC Selection held in Jakarta

Currently , in Indonesia there are 4.5 million ( 1.8 % of the total population of Indonesia ) street children . They have a hobby , talent , and motivation to create a better life . However , there are less chance and opportunity to fulfill their hobbies and talents which is live on the street is their main activity at this time . There is only one way to explore the talent and motivation of street children is through football .


Football is a global sport , it is for everyone , can be played anywhere, and by anyone, including street children . Through the Street Child World Cup ( SCWC ) which will be held on March 27, 2014 in Rio de Jainero , Brazil , street children have the opportunity to go international and compete with street children from different parts of the world .


Indonesia , through the Foundation Transmuda Nusantara Energy ( TEN ) have the opportunity to participate in the 2014 SCWC implementing a program called " Garuda Baru " . TEN is the foundation engaged in grass-roots level to improve the quality of life of street children .

To make the process of recruiting new National Team Garuda , the Foundation TEN selection process that took place in 7 cities in Indonesia including Medan and Makassar ( January 11 ) , Surabaya and Palembang ( January 18 ) , Yogyakarta and Bandung ( January 25 ) , and Jakarta ( 1 February) . National selection was held in Jakarta ( February 16 to March 23 ) .


Foundation in the implementation of TEN Garuda Baru is holding Brazilian Soccer School, Pertamina Soccer School , and the Jakarta Football Academy as a judge in local and national selection .


TEN Foundation Chairman , Mahir Bayasut on the sidelines of the selection process , said the program is one of the opportunity for street children to explore their talents and hobbies , " We hope to spread the spirit of the youth of Indonesia issued a creative idea . There will be a chance for Street children without having to seek opportunities to work and living on the streets , " he said .


Representatives of the Foundation BAHTERA Tamami Zain also welcomed the SCWC  . " This program is a major breakthrough for the street children appreciate . Hopefully an ongoing program , " he said .


Erwan Priyambudi , TEN Foundation board said , " The criteria for this program are Those aged 13-16 years . Another requirement is not currently enrolled in a formal school or dropout status . Then , already or have had a life as children living and working on the streets for at least 6 months . The next requirement is to get recommendations or approval of the institution and parent / guardian , " he said .


To qualify for Brazil , they must follow the two tests , namely the technical soccer ability . This test will start with a test prefixed football techniques . Foot speed tests include several movements such as Pele Sprint that is by stepping over the ball with the right foot to the left foot as fast as possible , then Robinho movement by way of rotating the right leg and left turns from the inside out without touching the ball , as well as the Inside to inside the how to wear leg and turns the inside of the right foot to the left foot . Then , proceed with the tests passing and juggling .


After undergoing tests technical soccer ability , they entered Game Play sessions . In this session, street children divided into groups consisting of 7 persons / group / team . The goal of the participant 's ability to play with the team compiled its techniques .


According to representatives of the Brazilian Soccer School , Aiken Setiawan , from the local selection it already knows the ability of children who participate in the selection . " In the previous selection process , physical strength points that should be improved , but at the time of the game play session , they can show a pretty good game , so in training camp we'll hone a few things that should be improved , " he said .


At the national selection , all selected participants will undergo psychological tests covered by several factors that are required, among other things , calm and compose ( patience and calmness ) , hardworking ( spirit ) , confidence ( confident) , leadership & teamwork ( leadership and cooperation ) , and sportsmanship ( sportsmanship ) .


Representatives of Pertamina Soccer School , Ade Mulyadi very excited to join the selection process of the implementation of the New National Team Garuda . According to him , this program is one of the solutions to find new talents from sources that are rarely touched in Indonesia . " I hope this SCWC program can  give spirit and motivation of street children to further hone talents , " he said .


To succeed in this Garuda Baru program , TEN Foundation in collaboration with Shelter Home and Learning Diponegoro ( Yogyakarta ) , Studio Reeds and Social Soccer School Surabaya ( Surabaya ) , Institute of Public Welfare Services Indonesia ( Medan ) , BAHTERA Foundation ( London ) , Foundation Friends of Children ( New York) , Yayasan Bina Mandiri Children of Indonesia ( Makassar ) , and the Cultural Arts Foundation cottage ( Palembang ) .


Garuda Baru selection process has been conducted in four major cities in Indonesia, Medan and Makassar ( January 11 ) and Surabaya and Palembang ( January 18 ) . Doddy Matondang and Tommy  Pratomo as a Selection Coordinator, claimed to have found 25 talents in the field and 23 talented candidates for National Player of Garuda 's New in Makassar . From Surabaya more than 70 participants and from Palembang were 23 participants a chance to fill Garuda Baru National Team squad .


Of selection in 7 cities in Indonesia will be selected 30 candidates who attend the selection process of players of national team in Jakarta , the selection process is run for approximately 30 days to find ( 10 / 1 Team ) as GARUDA BARU team that will go to the Street Child World Cup 2014 , Rio de Janeiro , Brazil .

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