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Since its formation in 2011, BSS Indonesia have delivered program in the country with the aim of bulding foundation and giving the best possible way for children to learn soccer in the Brazilian Way!


Our other mission is to promote Brazilian way as our inspiration and motivation. We are bringing Samba Music, Brazilian Player Moves, Futebol de Salao Game, and proudly to do so.


Over the years, BSS has developed into a unique & attractive coaching system ever develops within the country. The Brazilian style flavor is felt by the use of Futebol de Salao ball and game, variety of learning individual skills move from Brazilian greatest player such as Ronaldinho, Robinho and Neymar. Until the use of Samba music during session which gives the session more rhythm and fun time!


Through our coaching program, we also emphasise player to become a better person, not just a better footballer. Character is build, positive attitude is shaped, and the importance of sportmanship is encouraged.


Since kick-off, BSS has participated and contributed in variety of competition, friendly matches, up to international events. With our network internationally, we aim to add more value for the children to experience international level and environment, and bringing their game to the next level!


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