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Is the Brazilian Soccer Schools for futsal or outdoor football field ?


Both. We focus on the game of Futebol de Salão which is a great method for children to practice their individual skills. The game is developed dribbling skills, short passing and train children to think and make decision quickly when controlling the ball. This ability can then be implemented for the game of futsal or outdoor football field 11 vs 11.

Why playing small field (Small-Sided Games) and Futebol de Salão good for my child?


Small-sided games make your child more involved in the game and increase the number of touch on the ball. He/She will get the ball more often and practice the ability with the ball. This will make him/her quicker to learn and build confidence to master the ball.

​With Futebol de Salão is even better. It uses specifically designed ball (size 2) which is heavier and almost no-bounce. Hence, the ball is close to the feet almost all time (no-bounce) and increase the children number of touches with the ball than using a regular size ball (size 4 or 5).

In developed countries such as Brazil, Spain or Germany, their training program focused on small-sided games and not letting them play 11 vs. 11 until they hit the age of 13.

Does my child would benefit from training in BSS if he/she wants to play outdoor football 11 vs 11?

Of course! BSS techniques focus on individual players and your child will really feel the benefits to play any kind of football field. We will also show your child how to use skills in the BSS to help his/her game.​

My son is new to football. Does BSS suit him ?

Yes. We offer program for beginner to advance level and your child should suit one of them. In BSS, each children will train with one ball each almost all the time and practice based on the ability of each individual. We feel this way helps children build confidence faster. They do not queue up to wait their turn, and they train with the speed of each. This method is perfect for kids who love football, but still feels less confident.​

My son does not want to be a football player, so why practice in BSS?


BSS teaches control, balance and technique. Many of these skills can be used in other sports that your children follow. BSS also teaches how to build confidence and culture to train hard and focus. This can be implemented in anything your children are doing. Of course, the ability to interact socially and work together in a team will also be honed.

At the level of non-professionals such as school competitions, etc., your child can implement his/her training results in BSS to support his/her achievement. We have many students who have gained benefit from the results of our exercise and use their skills to excel in the school football team and bringing the good name of the school as well as him/her self.


Why do you play samba music during the lessons?

Two reasons. Firstly, it helps children to focus on practicing their skills, and secondly, because it’s fun and children enjoy it!

Are BSS only for boys?

No. We also have girls training in various training centres. 
I am interested to enrol my child in BSS, but I want to try before decide to join. Is it possible ?

Yes. We allow children to have a FREE TRIAL before he/she join. ​

How to select and train the BSS coaching staff?

We only recruit people who have  a high passion on football and education, have great attention to children, and most importantly are able to give be an example of both on and off the field. We teach our coaches our unique BSS syllabus on a regular basis and make sure they understand it before presenting it to the children. 


I’m interested in being a BSS coach, how do I go about it?

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our coaching team, email us your CV/Resume to


Is BSS will be opened outside of Jakarta?

Yes. We believe BSS method is great for football education in any area. We try to find the right partner to open up a BSS centre outside Jakarta. If you are interested, you can Contact Us for more details.


Who are professional players who trained with the Brazilian Soccer Schools?

In Indonesia, we started operating from mid-2011. We have no graduates yet in Professional level. But in the UK, currently more than 500 children played in the Junior Professional Club and trained with BSS. At the International level, the method also has graduates in top level professional players such as Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Theo Walcott, Micah Richards, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and many more.​​

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