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Brazilian Soccer Schools offers a variety programs that are implemented in Indonesia.

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BSS Mini 6 (4-6 Years Old)

BSS Development Program (7-18 Years Old)

BSS Mini 6 program is designed specifically for children aged 4-6 years. This age is a great time to introduce game of football and important for children's early development. The courses generally run for 1 hour in length.​

This program not only introduces "Football" and its basic skills, but also focused on train movement coordination, listening skills and ability to interact socially. This program is suitable for social and physical development of children.

This program is a continuation of the BSS Mini 6, and is designed to create Complete Football Player in terms of technical, tactical, physical and mentality.

Children are grouped based on age and ability categories, and will benefit from a structured training methods BSS and tiered according to their ability level.

BSS Schools Program

Brazilian Soccer Schools offers a variety programs that are implemented in schools.

After School Activities (ASA) or Extra Curriculum Activities (ECA). These sessions are organized by the schools and take place on the schools premises immediately after school has finished. Children must be studying at the school and can only enroll in the course through the school itself. Most sessions are 1 hour long and course range depending on the school academic calendar. 

Another most popular program is the Once-off School Coaching Clinic Roadshow. Our coaches will come to the school to conduct training sessions and introduce BSS methods to students at the school.

Any schools who are interested in utilizing this program, please Contact us 

BSS Holiday Camp

Looking for a Quality Football Clinic to enhance your technical and tactical skills? 

Then look no further, Brazilian Soccer Schools have been conducting school holiday football clinics for 16 years throughout the world. 

You will receive between 9-15 hours (depends on age and program offered) of high quality coaching utilising the Brazilian Soccer Schools curriculum which is based on the research conducted by Brazilian Soccer Schools in Brazil and the UK over many years. Our drills, technical coaching, tactical coaching and games will all improve you as a football player.

Go International !

The program includes participating in International Competition organized by the Brazilian Soccer Schools across the world, as well "Football Tour" to various parts of the world.

The aim of the program is to give children first hand experience and knowledge of International football and prepare them to become a better footballer in the future. 

1 on 1 Course

Our One-On-One program will help your child improve their skills privately with a member of our highly trained coach.

Children will either be assessed in the first session so that we can work on the areas that need enhancing or you can tell us the specifics that you wish to be improved. Each session will then be planned to fit your aims and specific needs, so as to improve you as a soccer player.

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