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BSS Regional Team
  1. BSS Regional Teams - The next step for children to reach its maximum potential, BSS offer players to represent their region/city where commitments, level of competition and training intensity have increased. We have divided BSS Regional teams into 3 region: BSS Jakarta, BSS Tangerang and BSS Bekasi.

  2. Steps towards players being selected to represent BSS Regional Team:

    1. Each BSS Regular venue is registered to one of the regional teams. (ie. Senayan will be BSS Jakarta)

    2. Currently an active member in one of BSS Regular Session

    3. Impress your coach with your development and receive a letter of recommendation by your coach

    4. Attend BSS regional selection sessions

    5. Commitments needed

  3. More training sessions per week (2-3 days / week) in 1 centralized facility

  4. More friendly matches, competition and league to participat

  5. Competition can consist on a domestic, national and international level

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