BSS Intercon Activation on Valentine's day

BSS Jakarta, 14 February 2013



BSS Intercon paid a visit to Tutor Time Intercon on Feb 14, 2013. On that day, the students were celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine.  Every student wore their red or pink outfit.

After watching the Barongsai Performance the students had traffic light games conducted by the BSS Intercon team. The game was about transferring balls from one side to other side of the area. They had to cooperate within their team by paying attention to the rules. Green means go and red means stop.

The game was aimed to encourage the children to cooperate with friends and to practice listening to the instructions. More than 40 children of 3 years old and up participated in the activity. They enjoyed very much and were happy to get some goody bag from BSS Intercon.



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Facebook Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia
Facebook Brazilian Soccer Schools Indonesia

Urbanfest Combikid  Soccer Competition, Ancol 2012

BSS Jakarta, 26 November 2012


A busy weekend have gone by after BSS Jakarta participated in the first Urbanfest Ancol 2012 competition. BSS Jakarta sent as many 6 teams across 3 age groups including 60 of our BSS members. A first time competition for our Under 6 team who took up the challenge by entering the U8's competition. It was a great day for the children as they received their new uniforms and playing a real match for the first time.

It was also the first competition for several of our Under 8's and Under 10's team where nerves and excitement hit them at the same time. Entering the tournament was to give an opportunity to all our members the experience to play a proper soccer game with high intensity and excitement. BSS also prepared teams to achieve higher places in the tournament.

Our B teams from Under 8's and Under 10's did not qualify for the knockout stages as well the Under 12's which half of the team played their first ever soccer competition. A different story arise for the A teams in the Under 8's & 10's which both qualified for the knockout stages of the competition. Under 10 team A won both their league games with a 1-0 and 3-1 victory over tough opponents but lost to a close game in the quarter final 2-4. Under 8's team A lost in the semi final 3-2 to a very close comeback game for the BSS team, 4th Overall which was quiet an accomplishment.

Wrapping it up, all children left quiet happy and some a little dissapointed knowing that their teams could of done better. It shows their willingness to win and accomplish something higher. A very big thank you for all the parents and family who supported for the 2 days, BSS highly appreciate the importance of parent support as some children play with spirit, giving it their all to make their parents proud. BSS Jakarta looks forward to the next competition, with more preparation and quality.


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BSS Intercon Is Here !

BSS Jakarta, 22 October 2012


After months of preparation, BSS Intercon is now underway. With a great new looking facility, BSS Intercon had its first activity last Saturday, 20th October 2012 hosting the BSS Jakarta Gathering for our members. On the 3rd November 2012, BSS Intercon will be running its second activity by inviting schools around the area for a friendly competition as part of its launching. It is a great way to build awarenesss for the people around the area as well as sending BSS teams in the exhibition to be examples of complete players. 

BSS Intercon will be running all of its sessions at the Tutor Time Building Intercon, 5th Floor, Taman Kebon Jeruk Intercon, Jakarta Barat. 

First sessions running will start Saturday 10th November 2012 from 10AM for children age 5-12 years. Contact us for FREE TRIALS !

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BSS Participated in Caribbean Cup 2012

BSS Jakarta, 2 October 2012


On Saturday, the 29th September, two of our BSS Jakarta teams competed in the Caribbean Cup, Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan. 8 teams for each age group giving it their all to win the competition, BSS did not do enough to win it this time. Our under 12’s was very unlucky to not win a game because some of the attacking movement they built was excellent until the finishing. 


Under 8’s was a different story however, they ended up reaching the semi finals after qualifying out of the group stage with 1 Win, 1 Draw and a loss. They lost in the semi final to SSI Arsenal where it was a tight and competitive game. We were down 2-0 very quickly and grabbed 1 back late. Unfortunately, time was not on our side where the game finished at 2-1.

3rd and 4th was as competitive as a final game against GMSB where we lost with a 2-1 score line. 4th was a good

achievement for this team with several of key players could not participate in the tournament.

We hope this tournament will bring experience for our players and motivation for them to train even harder. The coaches in BSS will be aiming to win competitions from now on as we believe that we have the players to succeed in competitions.

Big applause for all BSS players for their commitment, confidence and hard work they brought to this tournament. We are very much looking forward to the next one.

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