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What You Will Be Buying

When you buy a Brazilian Soccer School franchise you are purchasing our brand name and the exclusivity to run the Brazilian Soccer Schools programme in a designated area.

Our expertise is continuously sought by some of the world’s top professional football clubs as well as some of the oldest and most respected football associations and players. The Brazilian Soccer Schools concept works for two main reasons:

Our Brazilian Soccer Schools syllabus is the most effective method we have found in developing young football players.

Our brand, values and approach to training are different to any other football club or organisation and are attractive to children, parents, schools and football professionals alike.


A typical Indonesia franchise would operate in an area, where proximity of schools is primarily taken into consideration.

We pay close attention and have a specially designed mapping system to define our exclusive, protected territories.  A territory must have enough people to support a successful franchise; we will also look at the demographics of the area, income levels and the cost of other activities in the territory.  In most cases we work hand in hand with you to define your territory.


We are quite aware that we are only as good as our franchisees allow us to be and we expect to be very good!

We believe we are the best and this is something we have worked very hard to create.  We are very demanding on our franchisees and insist that they maintain and help to improve our position and high standards.

Our training is intense and covers every aspect of the business.  We provide 80-130 hours of training each year which includes everything you need to know from our actual coaching programme, through to securing training venues, working with the media, building links with local schools and clubs, as well as how to launch your business, grow different age groups, exploiting our main revenue streams as well as building the Brazilian Soccer Schools brand locally.

Alongside the yearly training to support your coaching and business development you will also receive:
    The Brazilian Soccer Schools operation & coaching manual and DVD
    The Futebol de Salão Skills Badge Scheme manual and DVD
    Business planning support
    Our proven business models


Starting any new business has risks, yet statistics show that these risks are far reduced when the new business is a franchise.  The main reason for this is you are buying into a proven business model and also you are not on your own, you have the support and help of our expert team at head office as well as other franchisees as a source of information.  We can assist you every step of the way.

Alongside the training we provide you will also receive:

• A designated point of contact at Brazilian Soccer Schools Head Office Indonesia
• Advertising, PR and promotion support
• Bulk purchasing and negotiating power through our partner companies
• A purpose built Brazilian Soccer Schools website, e-mail address and IT support
• Start-up equipment (Futebol de Salão balls, branded ball bag, vest, cones, banner, flyers)
• Start-up stationery pack (letterheads, envelopes, payment receipts and business cards)
• Coaches uniform (Shirt, shorts and socks)


Our expertise is continuously sought by some of the world’s top professional football clubs as well as some of the oldest and most respected football associations and players.

Brazilian Soccer Schools have been invited to assist many national associations and football clubs to help improve the coaching that these organisations provide to their players as well as to provide demonstrations on the unique benefits derived from the game of Futebol de Salão and our Brazilian Soccer Schools coaching programme.

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