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Almost coming to the end of the year and we finally finish our biggest event BSS Cup 2016. It is our third year running this event and the reputation have gotten bigger and bigger. BSS Cup 2016 changed the location of the competition this year to one of our homebase in Legenda Football Arena, Bekasi. This year, the competition involved clubs and schools from Jakarta, Bekasi and Bandung with over 400 children were involved as participants. Congratulation to all winners, thank you to all teams and supporters for your participation in BSS Cup 2016. We have definetely heard some great evaluation that will make the competition more quality for our children. We will see you next October in 2017. Please see below for the winners Under 8's 1st Place - Serpong City 2nd Place - Beringin Pratama 3rd Place - BSS Jakarta Plate Winners - Pro Direct Academy U10 1st Place - Asiop Apacinti 2nd Place - Beringin Pratama 3rd Place - Pro Direct Plate Winners - Petrostream U12 1st place - BSS LFA 2nd place - Beringin Pratama 3rd place - Serpong City Plate Winners - Pro Direct Academy U14 1st place - Villa 2000 2nd place - Al-Azhar Syifa Budi 3rd place - BSS Jakarta Plate Winners - Jakarta Elite Soccer (JES)


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