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#SAMBA #SAatnyaMainBolA

You may have heard of this hashtag around our social media and website. A message or an action where BSS feels is the right one during this pandemic and hopefully post-pandemic. A campaign to help BSS members, parents and even for the society in general to be prepared to start exercising through our favorite sports soccer and basketball. All activities that BSS are preparing for the year of 2022 are activities that are set for those who have been spending too much time inside the house without exercise or people who are getting ready to be exercising outdoors or participating in team sports.

Here are some programs that we plan to introduce this year.

The ‘Mystery Box’, given to those who just join the BSS family. One of many personal equipment that is needed to exercise will be part of the new member starter kit. We are talking about personal equipment such as a football boot bag, personal cones to exercise at home, T-shirt for exercise, water bottle and the list goes on.

BSS Community league is another activity where we offer a routine soccer match for the parents of our members. This way, we can help facilitate both son/daughter with soccer and basketball programs along with a fun and exciting soccer league for the parents on a weekly basis! Hopefully we can also run our BSS Community League for Basketball this year too!

Upcoming programs include introducing children who have not been nor experienced team sports. Or in the other cases, we would like to introduce BSS programs to children who have not been a part of any kind of sports. We would like to give a very fun and exciting first impression. Teaching the core values of team sports, individual technique that is needed and build a character with confidence for your children.

And one more that right now is still kept secret is what we call ‘BSS for all’. We hope you stick around because you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Let’s keep the positive vibes during this rough pandemic times. We will be running our sessions with very strict regulations that will help comfort our parents, coaches and management of the club. We hope we have your support during this time and hopefully see you back in the field!

Watch this video for more info!


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