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BSS Gathering is Back! Well sort of..

To end the month of November, BSS organized the first internal friendly match for the first time since the pandemic between BSS teams from the Jabodetabek area. It was a challenge for BSS to organize this friendly match gathering because it attracts a pretty big crowd which is something the country recommends to avoid during this time. With the right ‘Prokes’ thankfully the games ran smoothly and both players and parents committed to all rules that applied during the day.

Friendly matches and mini competitions are a key part of the BSS Program, before the pandemic we plan to give players competitive or friendly games once a month. It is a big step to see our players progress during competitive matches and coaches can evaluate training programs for their groups going forward.

BSS Gathering is also a platform where parents meet each other and organize drinks, snacks and food for their children's team and sometimes our gathering is the front door to building new friendships and business networks. If you are new to the BSS family, you wouldnt want to miss our BSS Gatherings. It’s a whole lot of fun, laughter, excitement and plenty of soccer games to watch.


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