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Just like every other year, BSS ran its annual Holiday Camp. This year we held the event in Lembang, Bandung from the 15th - 17 th June 2015. The event ran for 3 days and 2 nights with a total of 20 students participating in the camp. Coaches from BSS Pondok Indah, Kuningan and Bandung also joined in to help satisfy the children's experience.

Our activities were not just around soccer and its physical activities, BSS focused on other activities that improved social skills, team work and confidence which helps childrens character building. Other activities such as, swimming, quiz night, talent show and group meetings were all part of our holiday camp experience this year.

No parents were to be involved during the holiday camp as BSS would like the children learning to be independent individuals. The age group was between 10 - 14 years and it is at the age where they are old enough to be introduce to such a thing.

Many thanks to all the parents, children and staff of BSS for making this experince unforgettable, we will definitely be looking to find other places outside Jakarta for BSS Holiday Camp 2016. See you next year...

More photo : Visit us on Fanpages - Brazilian Soccer Schools Jakarta

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