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A BSS Graduate in Under 18 National Squad

Congratulations to one of BSS former players Teuku Razzaa Fachrezi on being called up to the training camp for the Under 18 national squad last weekend 8-9 November 2021. Head Coach Shin Tae Yong from the national team is calling these players to start his preparation for the Under 20 World Cup that will be held in 2023.

Starting his football development with BSS Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Razzaa showed very good potential and was always up for the challenge with the Brazilian soccer moves that he practiced in our sessions. After 4 years with BSS (2011-2014), Razzaa then moved to another club with more intense competition and games that were closer to his residence

Speaking with Razzaa’s father Arlan about his experience with his new club stated “Razzaa might not be the fastest, but he does have one of the quickest feet and I thank the youth program of BSS for that.”

Razzaa was recently conducted as one of BSS Graduates, an award that we give to former players based on their character, loyalty to the club and significant impact that the player contributed to our club. Razzaa was always aiming for the highest level of football. Let's hope this is one of many call ups from the national team the BSS former player will eceive.

Thank you for trusting our program Razzaa and family. We wish you to achieve your dreams of becoming one of the football greats this country has ever seen.


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