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Mask or No Mask?

We have been receiving plenty of questions from parents about whether children running in our sessions or doing exercise activities should be wearing masks. The answer is Yes, it is safe. New research from has stated that heart rate and oxygen level is not significantly affected by wearing a mask during a workout.

We still however still recommend our students to practice with no mask. BSS feels that some children might not communicate whether or not they are breathing easily or troubling during our sessions. We also feel that maybe children have asthma or other medical issues that maybe coaches or the club are unaware of. We let the parents and children decide whether to use a mask or not during BSS sessions. We feel like both actions are safe during workouts or exercise. Our coaches in BSS will wear its masks at all times during BSS sessions. The club will be working on all other health and safety protocols to give the best comfortable sessions when members arrive at our practice sessions.


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